Patent invalidity search

An inventor may utilize the consequences of a patent invalidity search in an attempt to annul the patent either by lawsuit or by documenting an appeal to institute an inter partes review of patent at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patents granted or filed are broadcasted by the EPO, USPTO, PCT, and JPO and comprise 90% of patents and applications documents around the world. In this way, a search mostly incorporates a search of patents proceeding from these patent offices.
Many law firms and corporates in the U.S. have instructed Sagacious IP to conduct invalidity searches for their cases. We also provide a patent validity search as per the client’s requirement, when considering the option of licensing asserting, selling or buying of a patent and needs to affirm that the patent is enforceable. Thus, providing knowledge about the legitimacy of the patent enables one to take a calculated and better stance.

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As per the need of the client, we can lead a non-patent literature (NPL) prior art search; however theses searches can be expensive and hard to seek but not impossible. Scholarly papers are the front lines of advancement yet frequently do not tend to have the kind of specialized detail that is required. Since, no single source can cover all the publications. Therefore, the need to pursue NPL relies upon the focus on the innovation and type of search.
Our service are not constrained to the database search, provided the time and expense , our Sagacious IP team will uncover earlier brochures or outdated products, locate acquaintances of the inventor , explore public exhibition revelation from 10 years back, or do whatever else it takes to negate a patent. We have been directing invalidity searches for a long time and we will be constant in endeavoring to locate the negating reference that you require.


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