How to write a patent application

One of the challenging roles in the patent industry is drafting an application and writing the claims. Any patent practitioner would concur that previously mentioned topics post genuine difficulties to a patent expert. Each case is another venture and documenting a patent application at patent office that holds the odds of solidity and enforceability for the stated claims is truly pivotal for the client as well as for the expert. [ Patent Writing Services ]

Basic steps for writing a patent application

  1. Invention disclosure form –The initial step is to collect the details of the invention from the inventor through an invention disclosure form. The form includes a series of question that focus on gathering information about the new and inventive features of the invention.
  2. Inventor Interview- Subsequent to disclosure form is a meeting held with the inventor to completely comprehend the invention. After which endeavor to investigate potential outcomes of growing extent of creation by including future changes and enhancements are measured.
  3. Patent Sketches – After a careful comprehension of invention, developing free-hand drawings and portrayals is begun to picturize different components of the invention. All parts of invention that are to be protected is incorporated as this would help in organizing patent claims.
  4. Patent Claims – Patent draft should copy the exact drawing as drawn in the above step. It should include all the components of the claims present in the drawings. This should be concluded while remembering the reader, so that if anyone reads the claims, he/she is able to reproduce the drawings.
  5. Patent Drawings –Construct/Compose formal patent figures to incorporate all components of patent claims. Certify that the patent drawing and claims are synchronized/ matched. For instance, if a patent case depicts one component to be associated with another component, the patent figures should show the same.
  6. Patent Description – After finalizing the patent claims and figures, every component is described in detail. Each claim is accompanied by a number followed by its information. The patent laws states that the information should be represented in a lucid way, where a man of ordinary ability in the similar field can make or practice the creation after reviewing the patent application.
  7. Patent Abstract – When all components of patent application are prepared, a unique abstract is to be composed as a concise outline of creation. Every primary component should be mentioned briefly.

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